Welcome to our crowd-backed venture capital company available to the general public (retail investors).

Fat Hen seeks to raise funds for private businesses ranging from start-ups,
early stage through to business expansion capital, succession planning and pre-IPO.



Fat Hen aims to provide you with a simple, straightforward way to discover and invest in great private companies. You get to choose which businesses you want to back and we do the work to complete and manage the investment process. Start investing small amounts of capital and build your "Nest Egg" investment portfolio. Our retail ie crowd-backed venture capital company allows private companies to benefit from Fat Hen’s ability to engage with the general public via Fat Hen's public company status and existing prospectus offering regime.

Fat Hen aims to blend venture capital, investment monitoring and allow investee companies to be profiled on our web based platform. Our deal vetting filters are designed to mitigate investment risk as much as possible. We strive to select investment opportunities that match our  investment guidelines, pass the due diligence boxes, and align with the collective voice of our members.

Modern investing underpinned by experience and integrity.

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We believe in quality, not quantity. By coordinating investment funds and monitoring investees, Fat Hen aims to take public funding support, (we call them retail angels!) in Australia to a new level of sophistication.

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With the power of the crowd, Fat Hen members will bring a new funding dimension to this country in the range of funding most needed i.e. the $1m to $5m range per project. We may transition aspiring investee companies to public where you can invest directly into the target company OR you may prefer to back Fat Hen’s investment portfolio and spread your funds across multiple projects (nest egg shares) to reduce your risk. You can even invest into Fat Hen and attach your funds to a specific project of ours via our innovative “one egg shares.” We help you develop a portfolio of investments in the unlisted company sector and by an organised approach we intend to see the unlisted company sector become a recognised asset class in its own right and hopefully enable SMSF’s etc to participate in this organised equity crowd funding regime. You don't need to be a sophisticated investor to invest into Fat Hen or its projects – we are looking to build our CLUB 1,000 – i.e. 1,000 Friends of the Hen and with a modest investment by you we can cover early stage, business expansion, succession planning, all the way through to pre-IPO funding. Each project will have a risk rating as a guide so you can match your investment decision with the risk rating you are comfortable with for each opportunity presented to you.
So join the club today and be a part of a retail angel backed venture capital company!

" The Fat Hen investment structure is being positioned to create a more recognised asset class in the unlisted space. This is desiged to attract savvy, growth oriented businesses backed by the retail – i.e. public investor. "

- Fat Hen CEO, Jeff Broun

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Exclusive offer period to back private businesses. Become a Fat Hen member to invest into the private company (private equity) sector.

Now you dont need to be a business angel to access good private invetsment opportunties
– join us as a « retail angel » and invest alongside experienced sophisticated investors.

Vetted investments

All opportunities need to pass due diligence before being presented to members.

Invest like the professionals

Through the power of aggregation, we aim to be in a strong negotiation position re: pricing terms - through the power of our retail base we will have the same bargaining power as a private equity or venture capital fund.

Project managed: peace of mind

More than just monitoring, we are a hands-on active investor there for all our shareholders. Learn more about our ethos.